6 Reasons Why Being An Accurate And Fast Typist Can Make Your Job Easier!


Due to advances in technology, I haven’t walked into a recruitment agency in years.

I’m not sure how things work now but, in the past, when you registered, you had to do quizzes in word and excel and a typing test.

With the desire to do well and prove your speed, accuracy often flew out of the window and if you didn’t press the quiz keys in the exact correct sequence, to find that font, data sort or mail merge command, you got marked incorrect.  ARRRGH.

Now a lot of agencies recruit online. Training courses pop up here there and everywhere. You get approached via Linkedin. So, in an online age, is it still worth learning to be a fast typist or indeed a touch typist?

There are so many benefits that can really make a difference:

⭐️ You can save time. We all have busy lives and also have at times to work to deadlines.  Typing at speed and accurately can save a lot of time.

⭐️ increase your work productivity with faster and more accurate typing.

⭐️ Improve your posture. Learning to touch type can lead to much better posture too as you don’t need to look up and down, looking from the screen to the keys.

Spreading the burden of typing so you are not pecking with the same fingers can also prevent repetitive strain injuries too.

⭐️ Give yourself better opportunities. Becoming a skilled typist is a great plus and can give you an advantage in job applications.

⭐️ Improve your focus. Becoming a touch typist means that you are not searching for the relevant key and you don’t therefore interrupt your train of thought.

⭐️ Make fewer errors. If you are looking at the screen rather than up and down, you can see exactly what you are typing and correct those errors as you go.

So there are many benefits! Why not learn this amazing skill!

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